Pancham Khaitan smiling at the camera
Here's a picture of me from my time in Switzerland


My name is Pancham and I am a software engineer. I hail from Surat, India and I love creating and learning new things.

When I am not writing code or bashing my brain on "choosing just the perfect hex code for that green colour", you can find me singing to the not-so-latest tracks, taking pictures of everything that interests me or simply jotting down my thoughts in my diary. I also play a bit of piano in my spare time and love reading articles and books!

I am fan of trekking and I grab every opportunity to walk on mountains with a backpack and a pair of shoes. Most of my motivation comes from meeting new people on treks and social gatherings. Being an ambivert, I enjoy spending a bit of my time interacting and engaging with the world around me.

Background and education

I graduated from Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya as a software engineer with a major in Information Technology in the year 2018. I was introduced to computers at an early age of 5 and since then I have been fascinated by the sheer potential of a plastic box with a glass front to revolutionise the world.

In late 2017, I was selected from the pool of more than 2000 students and got an opportunity to work with Google and more than 170 brilliant colleagues from across the country as one of the leads in the first ever Developer Student Clubs. I worked with the students in my university and conducted multiple workshops on Android and Web development.

In early 2018, I got an opportunity to intern at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) and work on a statistical machine learning software that translated a corpus in English language to Hindi. I worked to optimise the software and improve the UX. You can read more about it here.

Trek to Manali
Pancham taking a selfie
Professional life

The people I work with usually say that I am pretty good at understanding the problem, and providing solutions to them. I love turning ideas into reality. I love the process of conceiving an idea and then going all-in to make it come to life.

Since September 2023

Currently, I am working as a software engineer at SingleStore. I am part of the team that is building the next generation of SingleStore, a MySQL compatible database that is a drop in replacement for MySQL.

I wrote a blog post about the coolest new text-to-SQL chatbot till date on SingleStore's blog. Check it out!

Till September 2023

Currently, I am working as a senior software engineer at Peak AI. I am responsible for building one of the most crucial domains of the Peak platform. My typical day comprises of developing new and exciting features for our customers while ensuring that we adhere to the best engineering practices possible. I am also a part of multiple guilds which tackle themes like Developer Experience, Frontend Development, and Agile Practices at Peak. Every day at Peak is an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and grow. Read this exact statement with my photo on Peak's Instagram account.

I also have an article on Peak's blog where I write about my work at Peak. Check it out!

My focus is to keep working as a full-stack engineer and exploring new opportunities that push me to create something exciting. I also want to improve upon managing resources (manpower and time) to efficiently get things done.