Contributing to building the foundation for Google's marketing websites
Google stall at an event in Germany 🇩🇪
Google is really an unconventional company (Image source: Unsplash)
  • Full-time work
  • UI development
  • Scaleable development
  • Accessibility
  • Testing

Note: Since a lot of what I do is bound by a non-disclosure agreement, I am barred from sharing confidential information


Brand Studio is Google’s internal think tank that uses creativity, media, and technology to create experiences that connect Google products to the people who use them. My work, as a vendor, is to maintain and provide support, and introduce new features for the internal JavaScript library that provides the foundation to build websites for Google at scale.


While working on a JavaScript library that is being used by hundreds of developers to create thousands of Google-branded websites is super fun in and of itself, keeping it relevant for the masses is a tough nut to crack.

My tasks involve, but not are limited to,

  • Updating the code to match requirements
    • Creating new components
    • Optimising and splitting code in a modular structure to be reused by other components
    • Building and testing code
    • Maintaining and fixing bugs in the existing code and follow a release cycle
  • Writing documentation for the developers who use the library
  • Interacting with the design team to enhance the experience, both in terms of developer experience and the end-user experience
  • Creating an inclusive environment for the differently-abled people by focusing extensively on making the code accessible for all

Other than this, I get the opportunity to interact with developers who use the library to develop websites for Google and help them resolve their issues in order to make a wonderful product.

Technologies used:

  • TypeScript, SCSS, HTML5, EJS, Markdown
  • Jasmine, Karma
  • Google Cloud Platform


The following websites are just some of the thousand more websites that utilise the power of the library that i am fortunate to be a part of.

About Google

"About Google homepage screenshot"

Google SRE

"Google SRE homepage screenshot"

Google COVID Response

"Google COVID-19 homepage screenshot"

Google Ads (Hotels)

"Google Hotel Ads homepage screenshot"